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That Michael Essien goal... 🚀💫💥 One week today, the champions play Arsenal in Beijing!

Yahya Mohamed 1 year ago

Did you know?: Rooney left Everton, got married, cheated, had 3 kids, played in 3 World Cups, won 16 🏆, went bald, had a hair transplant, became Man United's top scorer, and returned to Everton without Arsenal winning the EPL.

Nedum Makavelli Steve 1 year ago

Is it true that bakayoko didn't pass Chelsea medical ?

Mark Shepherd 1 year ago

One week today we play Arsenal... not that we will have any players left by then because we keep just selling them and not buying anyone in but never mind... 🤦🏻‍♂️

Dwain Chuqu 1 year ago

I miss those days when we had men playing for Chelsea! Not a lot of skillful players but men with great will to win! Now we have young skillful boys with magic feet! Anyway, keep calm and... Give Bakayoko the number 5 jersey Thank you!

Mochammad Mansyur 1 year ago

But why ESSIEN so BUTUT when he play for PERSIB BANDUNG now ?

Ghanem Maatala 1 year ago

Soufiane Laarichi Drogba ; Essien .... hadi kant hiba

Marko Lapcevic 1 year ago

Fredrik Gullberg feelingen efter att skjuta in det där målet 😂

Kevin Fernanda 1 year ago

essien now play at my country, the name team is persib bandung from indonesian :D

Nick Cooke 1 year ago

Remember Essien's live! Such a good goal to see as it happened!!!

RJ Bonaccorsi 1 year ago

'Here's Lampard, comes out to ESSIEN!!!... Unstoppable! Unsavable!' - One of my favourite Chelsea goals of all time! The goal, the commentators reactions, Mourinho's celebration... the best Chelsea Football Club! #Chelseaisthename #Blueisthecolour

Alfonso Osuna Rodríguez 1 year ago

Drogba vacunando al Arsenal, no importa cuando leas esto Shino Dominguez

Kroos Daniel Muwanguzi 1 year ago

This goal was extra special for me its the best Essien goal ever. Whenever I hear sb mention his name that's the goal dat comes in mind

Lee Barron 1 year ago

Scott Shilliday can remember me you gaz and Cowan watching the Essie's goal game in your living room. May have been eric prydz day 😂

Ben Agyarkwa 1 year ago

THE WISE ONE: To be honest, this was the first Chelsea game I missed watching live. I was out on a convention and i thought that it didn't matter to watch the match, because we were going to beat them gunners. But when I heard that they were leading us1-0 and in the dying minutes of the game, I got scared until this SCREAMER from Essien. God bless Essien the Bison.

Jack Emmett-Hall 1 year ago

Legendary goal, what a player Essien was! :) great memories of him scoring this one and the other amazing goal against barca!

Silas Neves 1 year ago

One of the best teams ever... I would love if Abramovich were more complacent with Mourinho, and he stayed at Stamford Bridge... Mourinho would keep only playing attacking football, and he would evolve a unique kind of fooball for Chelsea xD

Tapojyoti Parua 1 year ago

The Nike store keys are missing. Hence Bakayoko can't get in there. The reason of the transfer stall. 😂😂😂

Dzansi Michael Michael Yao 1 year ago

when I remember those days of Chelsea players like Michael Essien,Drogba.lanpard.Terry,makalele,kalou,malouda I think those players are so hard.

Silas Neves 1 year ago

But guys, Bakayoko is different than Essien... So keep that in mind. You don't know if he can be better or worse than Essien. So, don't compare...

Ed Austin 1 year ago

Trust me the staff in charge in the signing of Bakayoko are doing their best and for the good of the club. I don't think its easy signing a player who just went through surgery.

Herber Ramirez 1 year ago

I remember when Essien scored in S. Bridge during the UCL semi.. amazing volley if I remember correctly.. then Don Andres happened. What a yr for Spanish Ball.

Rob Freeman 1 year ago

Andrew remember watching this essien goal over and over a few years ago?

Max Rumley 1 year ago

When Lampard couldn't find his feet in the 92nd minute to win it... good times man, footie was defo more magical 10 years ago!

Torge Schärf 1 year ago

Patrik vet inte varför jag tänkte på dig när jag såg denna videon..

Jackie Defaoite 1 year ago

Bryan O Murchù Sophie was watching this on need to look