Steve Hartman is 'On The Road' every week

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REAL Generosity REAL Friendships REAL Courage REAL Gratitude That's Steve Hartman On The Road every week on #CBSSundayMorning

Laurie Eisenberg 9 months ago

‘How did you find out...’ ‘He was a duck?’ I loved this when I first heard it; I love it now. All of these clips are amazing. Steve Hartman does an excellent job! As a footnote, Bill Geist also did feel-good stories. Oh, how I miss him and wish him well!

Christine Gregorio 9 months ago

I love every one of Steve’s stories! The best on tv - or anywhere for that matter. Keep them coming!!!

Paula Huddleston Hahn 9 months ago

I wish Steve had his own show! I know it would be a hit. People and family's are hungry for good news!! #welovestevehartman

Jean Powers 9 months ago

This never gets old! I love this child and his Daddy. What an example their actions set! Thanks, Steve.

Cinda Gaynor 9 months ago

I have been missing Charles K. so much these grim years - we need to remember those things that unite us.

Dolly Chappell 9 months ago

I love this program. It helps keep things in prospective. This is who we really are...& why people are drawn to it.

Jennifer Allen Gibson 9 months ago

Every Sunday morning I announce...ok, let’s see how much Steve Hartman can make me cry THIS morning. The weekly “Watch Mom Cry in her Coffee” segment. They are truly wonderful stories. Thank you.

Nancy Ebner Denen 9 months ago

I love this kid & admire his parents & the way they are raising him.

Carolyn Maille-Petersen 9 months ago

Steve Hartman is my favorite storyteller. Thanks for showing the good in others.

David Schmidt 9 months ago

Best show on television and best host Jane Pauley.

Robert Sterbal 9 months ago

What a wonderful video. Is there a list of his features posted somewhere?

Judy Payton 9 months ago

Wasn't this story broadcast recently?

Courtney Freeman 9 months ago

The best thing on TV..always leaves me in tears!

Beverly Mascio 9 months ago

My favorite segment on Sunday mornings... Steve Hartman and his stories are the best

Neva Hernandez 9 months ago

Thank you Steve Hartman.

Jim Quinn 9 months ago

Great story ! Keep them coming ! Love this CBS show !!

Anne McCarthy Grendahl 9 months ago

I love these segments,! Thank you.

Karen Sherwood Zarcone 9 months ago

What’s not to love?

Shirley Goforth 9 months ago

Love his reports!