Freaky Friday Dance | Ranz and Niana

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Dancing to Freaky Friday! Chris Brown #SiblingGoals #FreakyFriday

Ranz and Niana 1 year ago

We vibin to this song aye! Share around and tag Chris Brown & Lil Dicky :)

Claudine Dominique 1 year ago

The fact that they used the “my winna version”..... A hug for you 👉🏽, a hug for you 👆🏼, a hug for you 👇🏻, you 👈🏿. Every body gets a hug lol

Khushi Sehgal 1 year ago

Soumya Sehgal cant both of us be like that even though we r sisters not brother sister

Jenaira Razon Ira 11 months ago

That s like My hat its color blue and had an emoji like this 😘 that is the emoji on the upper top

Jenee Romero 1 year ago

Ranz Kyle Niana Guerrero My favorite car song on a Friday 🚗🔥🤗 #FreakyFriday ❤️

Safaa Makati 1 year ago

Niana is getting taller. One day she will be taller than ranz 🤗🤗🤗😇

Gerald Lime 1 year ago

Victoria Diamond Martins II 11 months ago

So sick of hearing this whole 'Chris Brown is a woman beater' story. He paid for his crimes and has spent these years apologising for his wrongs. Whatever happened to second chances ,is there a perfect human here? If we judged everyone by their sins,nobody will be left on this planet.

Lay Kim Laii 1 year ago

Rica Mae Alba 11 months ago

hi niana and ranz kyle ang galing galing nyo pong sumayaw grabe

Ruth Azarcon 1 year ago

Iloveit tlga😍😍😍😍😍😍

Rica Mae Alba 11 months ago

idol ko po kayo

Tracy Cx 1 year ago


Hazel Gomez 1 year ago

Niana is getting so tall! And looking more and more like a young woman now! Not a child. Wow. On that note: Love their dances! Still so amazing!

Anne Fauth 1 year ago

I wish I had had a big brother like you ! I love your relationship together ! That’s why I enjoy watching you dance! 💕😋

Kainat Khan 9 months ago

Taehyung Biased we could do dumb stuff because my brothers wouldn't give me time of their day lol and neither will others 😂

Mathew Hewson 9 months ago

Stuart Ward Whitney Howkins we so gotta learn this lol wonderd if could convince Wilson Ayre to join like the outher monday

Ramya Ashwin 1 year ago

niana i m so happy to see u again n more over dis tym u really changed ur dance steps. last video was bit boring wid yr same old steps..

Delmy Paz 4 months ago

OMG!! what a blessing it's to see you both... enjoying and doing something that makes you and us HAPPY!... NIANA you are growing up to be an spectacular young lady!!

Clara Fontanares 1 year ago

OMG I'm one avaid fan between dz two siblings because both of them are really good Dancer ...I want you #Ranz_kyle

Paulette Keeley Eeles 8 months ago

If I could dance like this I would suggest we learn this together over FaceTime, but I can’t, so I won’t...liv Liv Nicholson

Dana Smith 11 months ago

Callie Lutter are you ready to learn this dance? We only have 3 days to learn it and LOL at the clean version of this song

Nina Lynn 1 year ago

Niana is getting so tall and becoming an even more beautiful young lady!

Matt Abramsky 1 year ago

Felson Palad this is who I thought of when I met you and Sheena Lee Palad haha but instead you sing! Have you heard of them?

Molly Modlinski 11 months ago

Courtney Wright Danny Wright ...I thought I was watching the two of you at first. Pleaseeee, choreograph and film a dance!