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UK Terrorist Should've been Stopped

Pam Hagan 1 year ago

The US judges stopping the President's travel ban are GUILTY of TREASON! They are putting our nation's security at risk. It's terrorism not war! :( :( :(

Sheryl Macken 1 year ago

Dearborn Michigan is raising up stronger and stronger with their push towards Sharia Law with No Go Zones. Why are we/gov not "DRIVE THEM OUT"?? We need to Walk Our Talk!!!!

Lamar Hagan 1 year ago

Sharia does not represent the values of US. Sharia must be banned from the US. The two are incompatible. Islam is not merely a religion, it is a political movement.

Julie Albrecht 1 year ago

I agree about getting into those Mosques. It's no secret some are headed by the Salfists, Wahabists and Muslim Brotherhood. They are all about recruiting these terrorists!

Yvonne Short 1 year ago

We have sleeper cells in America and other countries don't be fooled. We need our nra and the right to bear arms to protect our families when congress and the judges are not protecting us.

Joyce Matthews Randall 1 year ago

Dearborn has become a Muslim enclave where Sharia is law. I say, if they treat our laws and policelike they just did in France, send the tanks in!!

Sheryl Macken 1 year ago

Obama worked with and allowed Muslim Brotherhood to stay in USA and allowed to travel all over our country to advance their ideology and sharia law in our schools, colleges, gov, businesses, in our streets.

Susan Mccarthy-Driscoll 1 year ago

Shared and praying for you Jay and crew as I am thankful for having someone to listen to that speaks the truth!!! Blessings and prayers from Massachusetts!!!🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 keep up the good work!!!!

Ellen Reardon Taylor 1 year ago

Please take time to encourage our president. I quick call to the White House, a quick tweet to him, a letter, whatever method works for you. Please pray for him as well!

Shelly Cirbo 1 year ago

Please, everyone watch The Coming Convergence. Amazing documentary on the last 500 prophesies of the Bible to be fulfilled and what is happening in our world right now. Truly an awesome watch!!!!

Stephonopolis Dollinski 1 year ago

Now is the time to arm yourselves and be ready for sleeper cells to awake in America. Obama allowed Muslim militant training camps in the US! Be and get ready!

Ellen Reardon Taylor 1 year ago

YES! Monitor the mosques, investigate their "training camps" in the USA. They're all over the place. There's one just 1 1/2 hours from where I live.

Sherry Nevius 1 year ago

England, needs to ban muslims from coming back into the country after they've gone to a terrorist nation like Syria, Pakistan etc.

Crystal F Young 1 year ago

They need to start arresting them before hand and maybe these people would still be alive. The London mayor is a muslim sympathizer just like Obama.

Sherry Slaughter 1 year ago

Islam doesn't survive God's wrath. They will be non-existent. Read God's Word! We win in the end!! My God is bigger than any of this.

Shellie Piske 1 year ago

I have a British friend saying "Don't judge us" I say we must judge in order to keep this from happening here! Its not a critical judgment but a constructive judgment!

Deb Lunn 1 year ago

The left is totally deceived by satan. God has allowed them to be fools. They walk away from Him n deceipt comes into their lives.

Joseph Brasher 1 year ago

I agree, we need to enter all mosques. We need to know what they are doing for the safety of the people in the United States.

Susie Hall 1 year ago

Remember Chattanooga military on the last day of Ramadan. Our military heroes will Not be forgotten. No one ever mentions Chattanooga & the terrorist had been at the mosque before the murders!!

Karen Troupe Blocker 1 year ago

too much political correctness and fake news. the younger generation doesn't even know facts about our government or even who the elected officials are. they just want transparency.

Peggy Kelsay 1 year ago

Yes we have look at Michigan and Minnesota, we have terrorist training camps and no go zones. USA is much bigger than England

Janet Clarke 1 year ago

Non Jihadist Muslims can be embarrassed about this but they don't make any effort to do anything against it. In fact, non of the Muslim countries are doing anything about these attacks.

Debbie Whitmer 1 year ago

Allen West put out a map a long time ago of all the terrorist networks that are already here all over the US.

Willie Smith Jr 1 year ago

Obama also allowed a lot of these radical muslims into our government and the military. We really do need to start draining the swamp NOW!!! Evangelist Willie Smith, Jr.

Diane Calandriello 1 year ago

No matter what the President tweets or says, they attack. Doesn't matter what it is. He is right. Need that EO to go thru. Will not stop terrorists, but it is one part to help.