10 types of people who use toothpaste in vain

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10 weird toothbrush users we all might know.

Now I've Seen Everything 8 months ago

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Karan Patil 8 months ago

I'm just annoyed by the wastage of paste

Bernadette Thavenot 8 months ago

My husband sucks the tootpaste out of the tube and then brushes his teeth lol what do you call that?

Jasmee Mith 8 months ago

Still 🤔what the video was about 🤔

Siwat Kanjanapanitkun 8 months ago

Toothpaste is good for polishing though.

Aor C. Ozne Suxela 8 months ago

The stick is clearly shreck

Shamshad Daud 8 months ago

Good for cleaning jewellery and skincare.

Shah Rukh 8 months ago

Misbah Riaz I've done most of these tricks 😬

Soniya ILyas 8 months ago

Above all the guest was the best😂😂😂😂😂😂

Martin Allerdyce 8 months ago

Daimon Swain guess which one you are!!

Mikalyn Gilmet Pauzé 8 months ago

Whitney Huffman the Harry Potter one is you

Kaustav Banerjee 8 months ago

Sahely, Repeater😂

Helen Labajo Jovenal 8 months ago

Jasmine Jovenal is the rebel... Jesslen Jovenal is Harry Potter! 😂😂😂 I’m dying...

Jason Shen 8 months ago

What about the pervert Harry Potter?

Bùi Kim Thủy 8 months ago

The Harry Potter killed me :)))

Helen Amari 8 months ago

And you forgot the best category, those who squeezes directly into the mouth 😖😂

Max Valiquette 8 months ago

Janie je suis clairement un maximaliste 😂

Cannal Dashka 8 months ago

am wasting 45minute f*ck

Fleur Huizinga 8 months ago

Ik ben the idiot😂😂😂

Vishal Gupta 8 months ago

Vishal the cook !!

Vee Gouveia 8 months ago

Helen Labajo Jovenal 8 months ago

Adimas M Hatta 8 months ago

Eakkasit Sarawutdacha 8 months ago


Saniya Nasar 8 months ago

Bisma the harry potter :D