Sam and Aydan Finish the sentence

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What was the first album Sam ever owned? What's Aydan's most embarrassing #TheVoiceAU moment to date? The boys spill all. WATCH:

Jason Morris 10 months ago

Gee The Voice seems to love Sam, anyone would think they’ve got an invested interest..

Georgie Davis 10 months ago

Arielle Kosasih why does that boy have a "can I please speak to your manager" haircut

Payton Hately 10 months ago

Aleisha Bradbury Aydan has my heart now 😂😍

Mary Sowter 10 months ago

My mum knowd back street boys. Who are they? Boys that lives in the street im confused.

Elyse Hewitt 10 months ago

Tiana Berryman u will know why ur tagged in this when u hear it aha

Chloe Martin 10 months ago

Sarah Janiten and he likes hsm too! what more could you want!! 😂😉

Chantelle Bozicevic 10 months ago

Sascha Rexa just so you can love him even more

Alyssa Watson 10 months ago

I'm defiantly a high school musical fan I've alot

Cassidy Roberts 10 months ago

I definitely know what Aydan means😏😏

Demi O'Meara 10 months ago

Literally the first 10 seconds Rea Kempson

Jacob Walk 10 months ago

I love him so much Penny Watts

Nas Khan 10 months ago

Fck Aydan is legit us tho Caitlin Dennison

Troy David 10 months ago

I am fast becoming a fan of Sam. Tonight, Aydan also did extremely well and made an extremely good jump start to his live show performances. I'm not really a fan of that genre of music, but Aydan was a pro with all the staging he had to deal with.

Natalie Holt 10 months ago

Hayley omg he like HSM too. Lol.

Jasmine Ellul Stephens 10 months ago

Sandy Aboo think I found a husband

Hilary Brennan 10 months ago

Love Sam he's my favourite xo

David Richards 10 months ago

Who gives a rats !??

Vahishta Bhasin 10 months ago

Omg. Yes. HSM is the best. Love Aydan even more!

Jessica Rodríguez 10 months ago


Gwynne Jarica Didulo 10 months ago

Hey. Hi AYDAN <3

Alyssa Watson 10 months ago


Bryce Berends 10 months ago

Ebony Huggan Aydan listens to hsm

Tori Ward 10 months ago

What is going on with Aydan's hair? He looks like he's from an 80's boy band :/

Alese Briffa 10 months ago

I love Aydan so much Roisin McKeown Zoe Jones hs

Danielle Cauchi 10 months ago

Frida De-Felice Cauchi I love Aydan even more now!