Sam and Aydan Finish the sentence

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What was the first album Sam ever owned? What's Aydan's most embarrassing #TheVoiceAU moment to date? The boys spill all. WATCH:

Jason Morris 8 months ago

Gee The Voice seems to love Sam, anyone would think they’ve got an invested interest..

Georgie Davis 8 months ago

Arielle Kosasih why does that boy have a "can I please speak to your manager" haircut

Payton Hately 8 months ago

Aleisha Bradbury Aydan has my heart now 😂😍

Mary Sowter 8 months ago

My mum knowd back street boys. Who are they? Boys that lives in the street im confused.

Elyse Hewitt 8 months ago

Tiana Berryman u will know why ur tagged in this when u hear it aha

Chloe Martin 7 months ago

Sarah Janiten and he likes hsm too! what more could you want!! 😂😉

Chantelle Bozicevic 8 months ago

Sascha Rexa just so you can love him even more

Alyssa Watson 8 months ago

I'm defiantly a high school musical fan I've alot

Cassidy Roberts 7 months ago

I definitely know what Aydan means😏😏

Demi O'Meara 8 months ago

Literally the first 10 seconds Rea Kempson

Jacob Walk 8 months ago

I love him so much Penny Watts

Nas Khan 8 months ago

Fck Aydan is legit us tho Caitlin Dennison

Troy David 8 months ago

I am fast becoming a fan of Sam. Tonight, Aydan also did extremely well and made an extremely good jump start to his live show performances. I'm not really a fan of that genre of music, but Aydan was a pro with all the staging he had to deal with.

Natalie Holt 7 months ago

Hayley omg he like HSM too. Lol.

Jasmine Ellul Stephens 8 months ago

Sandy Aboo think I found a husband

Hilary Brennan 7 months ago

Love Sam he's my favourite xo

David Richards 8 months ago

Who gives a rats !??

Vahishta Bhasin 8 months ago

Omg. Yes. HSM is the best. Love Aydan even more!

Jessica Rodríguez 8 months ago


Gwynne Jarica Didulo 8 months ago

Hey. Hi AYDAN <3

Alyssa Watson 8 months ago


Bryce Berends 7 months ago

Ebony Huggan Aydan listens to hsm

Tori Ward 8 months ago

What is going on with Aydan's hair? He looks like he's from an 80's boy band :/

Alese Briffa 8 months ago

I love Aydan so much Roisin McKeown Zoe Jones hs

Danielle Cauchi 8 months ago

Frida De-Felice Cauchi I love Aydan even more now!