Turning a Wooden Bowl

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Watch this lathe turn a block of wood into a bowl you’ll love. Crafted by Oandi Design

Erin Quenstedt 7 months ago

Kim Pulver I can see my other thumb losing a chunk trying to do this

Jessi Oliano 7 months ago

Chad Vidal we should do a video like this of your next project

Eddy Gordo 6 months ago

Nice bunch of wood wastin...

Robyn Burch 7 months ago

Sally this is cool!

Robert Rotondo 1 month ago

I don't have a lathe yet? haha

Bruna Vodevil 7 months ago

Marlon Olynik faz um desse pra mim um dia?

Rhiannon Patrucci Owens 6 months ago

With a shiny clear glaze 😍

Alex Viles 7 months ago

Omg I want a million

Megan Duffy 7 months ago

Goddamn I want a lathe Matt J Scott

Aaron Hallene 27 days ago

Bro wear gloves please!

Lexi Shultz 2 months ago

Brian Gallagher 😳😳

Sophie Côté 4 months ago

Alex McGrath je veux faire ca!

Ana Paula L. Da Silva 1 month ago

Isso é muito legal

Natalie Conklin 1 month ago

Patrick Conklin I’ll take 8

Haley Dawson 6 months ago

Justin Wisby this is lovely

Jet Dillerop 7 months ago

Sten de Bruijn gaafff

Rita Gama Silva 7 months ago

Maurício José

Sondra Polonsky 7 months ago

Indi Schumacher Jessica

Whitney Swiney 7 months ago

Jesse Perry

Jared Easley 7 months ago

Johnny Lee

Belle Wisley 7 months ago

Rosangela Andrew

Zeren Tatan Salihi 7 months ago

Tahir Salihi

Julie Anne 7 months ago

Claire Mallare

Krista Burket 7 months ago

Andy Johnson

Katharina Stjepanović 6 months ago

Vitomir Zlosa <3