Armin van Buuren - Blah Blah Blah

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Blah blah blah rocking the stages of Tomorrowland!

Helen Grant 6 months ago


Peter French 6 months ago

Omg will people stop playing this...

Alexander Geeraerts 6 months ago

Johnathan Haggerty 6 months ago

I mean, every music artist has at least one truly terrible track. This is Armin's.

Marina Valencia 6 months ago

Armin You’re the No.1 The Best Dj in the world

Heidi Skwarek 6 months ago

Kyle James Kat Brewis this festival would be fun. At least you can sing along with these songs lol

Fadi Rivadi 6 months ago

Ellis Vernon remember hearing this tune 24/7 at tomorrowland? 🤔

Mathilde Brühl 2 months ago

Sophie Fabry Camille Fountanellas Aria Vliegen <3 on irait bien a Tomorrowland par la meme occasion nn? hahahhah

Jessica MacMaster 6 months ago

MJ Post Ashlee Towells Start saving guys we are doing Tomorrowland in 2020!!!

JCrazy Serrano 6 months ago

everyone inside the camp was playing it all day!

Pauline Valerie 6 months ago

This song has rocked the world, it doesn't matter what language you speak.We all speak blah blah blah!!!

Réiltín Ahern O'Donoghue 6 months ago

Love this!! Even my 5yr old twins are going round singing blah blah blah blah!! Tomorrowland 2018 you were amazing!!! Till next time....

Andrius Jurkūnas 6 months ago

Everyone was playing maybe to support him or whatever, but basicaly this song is about nothing... Terrible

Angi Schulz 6 months ago

Claudia...gehen wir nächstes Jahr hin und rocken ab? 😉

Jenny Pontikis 5 months ago

yes Christina and Yianni loved his music😍

Avishek Das 6 months ago

No. 1 awesome track.. Keep it up #ArminvanBuuren

Svenja Tielkes 4 months ago

Julia Giruc das ist nervo 😂 die kommen ja am Samstag zu world club Dome, die müssen wir sehen😍

许俊杰 6 months ago

有lui先 比利时站

Juan Guillermo Diaz Lizarazo 6 months ago

Harold Javier Lizarazo primo esta es. Para que se la dediques a todos esos habladores que se vayan en puro blah blah blah 😂

Maik Zöhner 6 months ago

Echt jetzt? Ne Handpuppe? Wie tief kann der Kerl noch sinken? Fehlt nur noch Full Playback Sets ala David Guetta

AbdeLaziz Elalj 6 months ago

Ramiz Mo Bensadok when when when are we finally going????? Cant wait more

Ange Dickinson 3 months ago

it's so bad it's good. Cheez to the max that works

Jhnny Vang 1 month ago

Depends how he mix it then it be lit af

Tobias Rohde 4 months ago

Marcel Bre Andre Brennecke Ich hasse dieses Lied wegen euch so sehr :D

Mathijs Veldhuizen 6 months ago

It's very simple, if it was a match Corey won!