Steven Furtick

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FLIP THE FLOW ↔️ New series starts this weekend. Visit for times and locations.

Diana Linton Fox 13 days ago

Can't wait to here from God thru Pastor Steven!! God bless you all happy New Year

Elizabeth Chastain 13 days ago

He has carried me through my sorrow this last year!

Lucia Sibiya 13 days ago

Well he provided for me.all those months I wasnt working .I am healthy and happy😘😘😘😘

Judy Jackson-Rivers 13 days ago

Yessss! I comin thru drippin 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

Everline Freeman 13 days ago

Amen, He came through for me.

Lorinda Perez 13 days ago

Needed to hear this, it's time to refocus my attention on His goodness.

Brandy Padgett 13 days ago

I’m so excited that game changer series blew me away I have notes and took away so much that I’m in the process of applying to my life very excited to see flip the flow

Tyler Lancaster 12 days ago

Emily P. Yang gosh He came through in the most radical way possible introducing you to me Emily, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH HONEY!

Deejaydaphne Jansen 12 days ago

Amen bro awesome . Easy to see what didn't happen but let's concentrate on what did. It's a new year and a new beginning for some 😄

Sehrish Sheri 13 days ago

I am Pakistani please pray for me and my job i need a job because I have no job God bless you

Wana M. Wilson 12 days ago

I hope that all this hype doesn't let you forget! The Lord is in this place! I'm losing faith in you pastors! All liars! You won't respond! Wish you and yours the best! I lost my faith and you never responded! Take care! Bye bye!

Angela Beckett Johnson 11 days ago

Come back to Seven Hills and visit us 😃

Deborah Preethi 13 days ago

Yes He did! Faithful always!

Regina Lencioni 13 days ago

Yes, every time i am weak His my strength shows me everytime...... Never late when your the creator......

Mildred Chungu 13 days ago

I can't wait for God to intervene in my life happy new year children of God

Mercy Bobo 13 days ago

Can't wait... Flip the flow. Amen and Amen

Jack Wilson 13 days ago

You are a awesome pastor hopefully one day I can meet you or at least talk to you on the phone one of these days

Juli-Ann Andreson 13 days ago

2017 end very bad and i went thru the 2018 with it, I suffer and it affect my kid s 2019 must be my year so help me God.. I know God wound allow it to come on my path if i wound be able to bare it...

Abigail Aline 13 days ago

God always knows exactly what I need, when I need it! The last three series, have been on point! Can't wait!

Michelle Bouzis 12 days ago

Love your work. Trying to send you a friend request. There are too many profiles with your name on it.

Elle Pazmiño 13 days ago

Yes!!!!! What a way to start the year!!

Joycelyn Sooknanan 13 days ago


Jahaira Hernandez Reyes 13 days ago

Hi please pray for me and that I find the words to explain to my daughter about what happens when someone die. I explained to her and she cries and doesnt understand :(

Alan Windsor 13 days ago

Yo what up, Pastor!!! ....idk if you'll see this....I was in the middle of Flipping the Flow, on NYE Praise Party- here in Fort Wayne, and I didn't even know yet, that I was flipping the flow....I was just jamming out, in my living praise and worship and....Dude!!! I had the volume cranked up to 85!!!! .... worship was sounding AMAZING!!!! ....and, suddenly, the Dude out in the Hallway cut in, like a commercial- WHOA! He was WAY TOO LOUD!!! ....This is my only complaint!!! This NEEDS TO STOP!!! SOMEHOW!!!??? PLEASE??? AND THANK YOU???!!!! ......So, we can all walk through DRIPPIN

Sheree Ambrose 12 days ago

Ill have to watch the 5 or later. Thankful that there are other air times available.