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Live on YouTube in a minute

Thomas Fiske 1 year ago

Great video, man. Glad my soap and water fix worked for you. I have always used s&w for installing my grips...

Jon Marshall 1 year ago

So much to catch up on with you on YouTube. I've been missing my BKXC fix while on holiday.👍👍

Matt Ancik 1 year ago

Can't join live today. Hitting the hay for early morning ride. Will watch it all unfold sat night prob. Niiiiiiice

Matt Steacy 1 year ago

Super glad your getting all the connections you deserve Brian!

Bán Laci 1 year ago

I unsubscribe. On the chain, handle and brake setting visible, that you are a dilettante.

Audon Catalan 1 year ago

Oh gosh another 7 hours live stream 😂....

Joshua Van der Werf 1 year ago

I think it is a bud ugly bike!😂

Richard Van Tricht 1 year ago

Sorry to say but ugly bike.

Edward D Prasauskas 1 year ago

Your blowin up!!

Richard Allen Vespa 1 year ago

Ibis!!! 👍🏽

Aaron Horan 1 year ago

If you are still on when my kids go to bed i will join in

Chris Bonsall 1 year ago

Ok??? What Brand is da Bike????

Calvin Lee 1 year ago


Ricky Scoles 1 year ago