Manul Wants To Catch Rats In The Tunnel

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So close to reaching That famous happy end 📍 那須どうぶつ王国 📹elpaso_aqua | TW

9GAG 4 months ago


Axel Theilmann 4 months ago

Tanya Gatehouse 4 months ago

That is making the cat extremely frustrated!!! Abuse!

Steve Jones 4 months ago

Here's a crazy idea... Maybe we shouldn't exploit animals for our own amusement?

Emre Elit 4 months ago

this is animal abuse

Jan M Berg 4 months ago

This is bordering animal abuse

Maya Saunders 4 months ago

This is called environmental enrichment, most decent zoos do it and it's not uncommon for predators and their would be prey to at least be within smelling distance of each other if not sight. It keeps the animals active and emulates being in the wild, leaving them bored and unstimulated would be more abusive.

Zohair Ahmed 4 months ago

They are teaching cat how to control anger 🤣😂

Sabrina McKenzie 4 months ago

I'm guessing the mice go into the animals exhibit or it's not an accredited facility? All the places I've seen use food as an incentive or as an enrichment activity, but the animals get the food. They're never teased with it.

Ralph Nieberding 4 months ago

This is typical humanic sadism. But then, also the word 'sadism' is humanly invented. So there ya go, a justified loop. Let's move on.

Leonid G. Diaz 4 months ago

Tell me whatever you fcnk want! I prefer a Piece of roast meat has died to see how this feline suffers. this is animal cruelty

Heidi Stokes 4 months ago

Poor kitty being teased by having a rodent run go where it can see but not catch the tasty things within

Gloria Li 4 months ago

Helen Dong dont know what cat it is but v cute, and the mice high key make me feel uncomfortable AHAHAHA

Vaibhav Dwivedi 4 months ago

Jennifer Adami 4 months ago

Lynn Kelders liveobnahmen wei ech probeiert hun rammstein ticketen ze kreihen

حیدر امام 4 months ago

There is a sign with no camera and he is recording wow..

Sandra Debora Kumayas Mumu 4 months ago

All tht i wanted to catch youuuuu... so close~~ Hahaha

Dana van Westerhoven 4 months ago

Marleen Maurice de meest evil dierentuin ever😂😂😂 Dit noem ik nou dierenmishandeling😂😂😂😂

Quân Nguyen 4 months ago

This is actually horrible

Balázs Csuka 4 months ago

Charlotte i don't know what is that but i want one XD

Nele Wyckmans 4 months ago

Tom this just about shows how succesfull I am in life

Thanasis Giakos 4 months ago

Stefani Zoi fourogatos mou moiazei, ti koroidia einai auti !

Michał Smutkiewicz 4 months ago

Julita kiedy tosia dochodzi do końca siatki a ty jesteś na zewnątrz

Lakshmi Eazhumalai 4 months ago

Gopika RK that hike moment 🤣🤣🤣🤣 kedaikave kedaikadhu

Sarita Hemelaar 4 months ago

Kelly,kijk een pallas kat,ik vind die er kei lief uitzien. Zo fluffy 😊 die kunnen grappig op een foto staan