Starting up Skyrim

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Me whenever the “start menu” music starts. Credit: @atharv thapliyal II ~Real

Zack Hart 1 year ago

LMFAO I couldn't stop watching I have seen this video ten times In the last 45 minutes

Isaac Reed 1 year ago

Is it just me or he look like Cory from Cory in the house?

Claude Olson 1 year ago

I actually prefer the music for Sovngarde over the main theme.

De Niall 1 year ago

C a n ‘ t P r e s s C o n t i n u e

Jessica Marie Parish 1 year ago

Skyrim has a great soundtrack. I actually have Secunda as my alarm in the morning and it's super peaceful to wake up to.👌

Carlos Marques 1 year ago

The moment you expect to ear the music but the game just crashes to desktop bc you forgot to check one of the master files of a mod 😂

Louisa Alfred 1 year ago

Lashaun when we finally get skyrim VR:

Volk Aerin 10 months ago

This was my son, he was just over 1 years old when I played this like crazy and he'd dance everytime I start it up

Emma Isabella Blackmore 1 year ago

Jarod Keitz oh man the truest thing I’ve seen all day😂 when me and you and Evan had a race to who could complete the main story first😂

Hunter Heifner 1 year ago

Skyrims was great but personally the Oblivion theme is my preferred of the two. Might be nostalgia though.

Eirian Deryn Davies 1 year ago

Celyn Davies that video of me gyrating in the front room after the huge speakers were fixed and the first thing we did was play skyrim

Danny Whitehead 1 year ago

Altaf Patel 😂 oh my god im crying! Haha. All im thinking about is the 4hour sound track you put on at work!

Tara Hort 1 year ago

I absolutely LOVE the theme music!!! Also love it when a big enemy is approaching and the music starts 😍😍

Don Clayton 1 year ago

Angus Ture even though you tagged me in this weeks ago I would just like to show the beauty of skyrim

David Benjamin Peace 1 year ago

Could see you doing this Danny, just because of how much you seem to like it. Hahah!

Jordan Plessala 1 year ago

Leland Keller Tyler Plessala Chris Cintron I know y’all have probably seen this already BUT did me every time 😂😂😂

Hana Violet Lucassen 10 months ago

Christie-Michelle Smith this was me when Alan Lucassen got me Skyrim on his computer and I loved it so much

Katie Tipp 1 year ago

Emily Tipp 😂😂 *Starts singing aggressively waking up the household*

Hannah McGlynn 1 year ago


Sophie Elizabeth 1 year ago


Sam Marrero 1 year ago

Giuliano Marcel Kevin Dominik Kevin hahahahahaha ich schwöre beim aufräumen hör ich das immer jahahahahahaha

Alfonso Duarte 1 year ago

Diego Fernando Ian Jose jajaja así cada vez que pongo el skyrim 😂😂😂

Maykon S. Souza 1 year ago

João, quando eu vou jogar Skyrim ou quando coloco essa música pra tocar kkkkkk

Maria Alejandra 1 year ago

Ann should get back to playing this instead

Lucas Bichão Andrade 1 year ago

Só para lançar aquela nostalgia recente no ar: Daiana, Renan, Armando, Bahia e Bruno.