Dog Like a Weapon

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Snake, dogs and no control... Source: Roxanne Carson

Igor Lekhmus 6 months ago

Harmless rat snake. Considered good luck if lives on your property. Keeps Mice, Rats, Spiders away from your house.

Andżelika Walenciej 6 months ago

Poor snake :/

Albert Hernandez 6 months ago

Maybe put down the camera and take care of the situation at hand instead?!!

Samantha Miller 6 months ago

Bryan Hughes I’m dying of laughter at the level of stupidity in this video. 1. Very disobedient dogs 2. An owner that doesn’t think to hold collars instead of a camera 3. The freak out over a harmless snake. 😂

Valentin Perales 6 months ago

So what happened??? You left me hanging. Y’all need to work on the story telling. Will there be a part 2?

Marion Laible Dyer 6 months ago

Good grief! Why didn't she put the dogs up and let the snake get away, it's a rat snake for heaven's sake. Poor snake!

Hunty Hunt 6 months ago

I hate snakes but you can see the poor thing looking for an escape route so those dogs should have been secured and let the snake go on it’s way 😡👎🏼

Ly Krzyzowski 6 months ago

I pray neither dog was bit. Put the damn cell phone down, grab your dogs and get them inside. Then be a responsible owner and start some serious training. This time it was a simple Rat Snake, it may not be the next time

Canine Marean 6 months ago

It's a black snake. It's not poisonous. Yes put down the f****** camera and take control of your dogs while the other person who's in the background gets the snake and put it in a damn pillow case and take it far far away but just to let you know those black snakes get rid of a lot of bugs mice and other things. So you're damned if you do you're damned if you don't

Gayle Williams 6 months ago

I hope her and the dogs were ok after this. Was it poisonous too? It looks like it is a water moccasin, yikes

Angel Jako 6 months ago

The owner is doing it wrong. Dogs follow where the owner's attention is, walk away quickly and order the dogs to follow you. This has worked for me all the time for many years walking in places full of snakes. The dogs who have learned already don't even need my lead and commands, they just walk away from snakes.

George Maartens 6 months ago

They need a jack russel... no fear in them i have two of them that snake would have been ribbed to shreds...

Michael Hancock 6 months ago

I wondered where my ex-wife moved to!😈

Gail Stockman 6 months ago

Our dogs would have tore it to pieces they have done it to rattlesnakes. And they don't get bit sometimes they do but they are fine.

Sean Hauser 6 months ago

Our Jack Russell would wipe it out, don't underestimate dogs with snakes, instinct kicks in and they whip those snakes to death

Shana Hines 6 months ago

This was handled very stupidly...

Stephen Sroka 6 months ago

These people shouldn’t own dogs.

Darryl Doyle 6 months ago

That is disgraceful behavior of the women filming, I pray the dogs are OK as they could of been killed if the snake is a poisonous one .how could she just continue to film as that is appalling lucky she didn't get bitten either the silly Fool 😇😡

Jimmy Robinson 6 months ago

Come on your an American you know what you should do pull your gun out and shoot it

Miranda Nichole Dehart 6 months ago

Jesus christ women .... just grab the shovel and chop its head off i was doing it at what? 12? 14?

Owlie Maya 6 months ago

et y a quand même des connard qui trouve sa drôle, les chiens pourrais mourir et le serpent n'a rien demander à personne

Chris Kristen Dygon 6 months ago

Being hysterical always helps the situation

Patricia K. Wilson Gualandi 6 months ago

I was thinking the same thing why didn't you get your dogs away from that. Stupid

Lynn Calabrette 6 months ago


Mary Ortiz 6 months ago

I had a mini dachshund that would kill snakes in the yard. Poor snakes :(